I survived the weekend.  B-Day party for an 8 year old in NJ, then a 4:00am wake up to take the 6 year old to a Hockey Tourney.  4 games in 5.5 hours was a little much I think, but the little one survived.

Did a nice Rib Eye in the Sous Vide last night – had to do the activated charcoal rub – and of course a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.  Failed to capture it’s image after it was finished on the grill, but hey – there is always a next time.

Boo Birds won yesterday, couldn’t say it was not expected.  Not that they aren’t a good team – but the NFC East is terrible otherwise.  If they do not win the NFC East this year Howie should get fired.  Some how I think they will fire Siriani instead, since you know Howie likes to scapegoat coaches.