back again, been super busy with work related tasks lately – but wanted to get in the next few days of the 31 days to a better blog guide.

Day 15 – Find a blog buddy.

This is not going to happen.  I barely use social media, and I have zero interest in connecting with a blog buddy right now.  If someone wants to connect with me please use my contact form here.

Day 16 – Solve a problem: 7 ways to identify reader’s problems.

I think the biggest problem with this blog is I really don’t have any readers.  I use this blog space to simply capture stuff throughout the day or week.  Maybe that is a problem.  Maybe I should take this blog more seriously?  Maybe I should enable comments on the posts?  To be determined.

Day 17 – Watch a first time reader user your blog

Nobody really to watch.  I’ll revisit this maybe in the future.

Day 18 – Create a sneeze page for your blog

I had no idea what a sneeze page was.  I think this is good information for anyone that is posting to a blog whether personal or business. I think I have done this inadvertently using the blog engine here.  I have several links in the main nav that filter down into the post taxonomy.  I think I’m good to go.

Day 19 – Write an opinion post for your blog

Do you really want to know what my opinion is or do you simply want more pictures of beers?