Diving into Day 20 and Day 21 here on the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.

Day 20 Leave comments on other blogs.

This is something I do daily, and remember this guide is from 2011.

Day 21 Conduct a policy review.

  • Does it reflect my current philosophy on the topic?
    • I don’t think I have a current philosophy.  Maybe I should get on ena re-visit.
  • Does it embody industry standards and best practices?
    • I wouldn’t know what that was since this is ajust a personal web space.
  • Will it help me achieve the goals I’ve set for my blog?
    • I just want to have fun with this, so yes…
  • Is it useful and useable?
    • Only to me.
  • Can the people it affects access it?
    • I don’t have any readers or users, and I don’t really care to gain any.

What I’m listening to: