Day 22 – Pay soecial attention to a reader

Impossible since I don’t have any readers.

Day 23 – Call your readers to action

Again, impossible since I don’t have any readers.

Day 24 – Use a magazine to improve your blog

I get that this version of the guide was written in 2011 when magazines were still really relevant. Since then I don’t know too many people that have magazine subscriptions.  I guess I can apply this rationale to a magazine that has moved to the web.  Someone please find me one worth reading.

Day 25 – Ask a question

Ask a question to who?  I don’t have any readers to ask, and I don’t even have comments turned on for this blog. I guess I can quickly add a poll, but who would answer?  Maybe that should be my quest.

So here goes – Should I activate comments on posts for this blog?