Since coming back from my travels, I am going to combine day 7 thru 12 to catch up.

Day 7: write a link post

I’ve already accomplished several times in this space.  Maybe I should to more of it to link up with stuff that I do.  The other day I was at Fenway Park to enjoy a Red Sox game.  I guess I could link to those 2 sites.

Day 8: choose a social media space to focus on

I don’t do social media personally, but I do use social media for the marketing work I do daily.  If you knew what I know about the quantity and wauality of data that social media platforms collect I don’t think you would use social media personally either.

Day 9: join a forum and start participating

I’ve already joined and am active in several forums.

Day 10: set up alerts to monitor what’s happening in your niche

I don’t think I have a niche, except this is a personal space for me to anonymously share content with readers.

Day 11: come up with 10 post ideas

  1. Beer, Wine and Booze
  2. Food
  3. Baseball
  4. Football
  5. Technology
  6. Travel
  7. General Info
  8. Local Stuff
  9. Podcasts
  10. Conpiracy

Day 12: develop an editorial calendar for your blog

I already did this, I have set a daily reminder to ping me when it is time to journal and blog.  All set…