There is nothing more frustrating than watching the Philly Eagles win a big game, but watch them take Miles Sanders out of the game every time they crossed the 50 on offense.  I was down by 30 points going into Monday night.  My opponent had Lamar Jackson, and he went off for 50 points.  Down by 30 with Diggs and Sanders left to play wasn’t a good feeling.  Diggs went off for 40+.  Diggs did his job.  Sanders on the other hand.

I think football is a simple game that may be over complicated for some coaches.  RBs have to get hot, RBs have to warm up, RBs need the ball.  This RB by platoon stuff drives me nuts.  All I needed was another 11 out of Sanders going into the 4th quarter, 11 yards!  You think the Boo Birds could have gotten me those 11 yards?  Maybe they were punishing me for being a season ticket holder but selling every game on Stub Hub for profit.  I don’t know, I just needed 11 yards.

I lost this week by 1.62 points, thanks mostly to Lamar Jackson going off.  I just needed 2 more carried out of Sanders to seal the deal, and hit 2-0 so far this season.  11 YARDS!!!

Week was not at a total loss, made a nice profit on an upcoming game.  Watch the Boo Birds punish me again…