I started a web log many many years ago. I own and owned many many TLDs in my time. I use to keep a blog specifically for a trivia night that my friends and I use to hold back in the early 2000’s. It was fun to update the site weekly, there was a lot of stupid trivia, a lot of booze drank and a ton of friendly fun. Through the past years I keep saying “I’m going to blog more”, and I get started – then life gets in the way. We all know how that goes. Get older, get married, have kids then follow the kids around in travel sports.

My Brother gave me a PDF in 2011. “31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Second Edition” by Darren Rowse. problogger.com/31-days-to-build-a-better-blog-the-podcast-series/. I printed the PDF to paper, and stuffed it in a three ring binder looking forward to following the template to see if it works. Well, I was in a box I packed when I moved from Philly to New Haven, then never unpacked through 2 other moves from New Haven to Delaware back into Pennsylvania looking for something else and came across the three ring binder.

I’m going to give it a try, to see if the lessons learned prior to 2011 resonate past 2011 and into the 2020’s. So, today is Day 1, and today’s task is to write an Elevator Pitch for the blog.

Here is my first attempt, and if it sticks I’ll create an about page or module on the Homepage.

I’m a Husband, Father of 2 Amazing Boys, a rabid Philly Sports Fan and an IT Professional in the game since 1999, currently the Executive Director of IT for a National Marketing Firm in the American Manufacturing Trade Space. I fully appreciate the people I work with, and the work we do. This Blog is going to be my space to document a lot of the things I find interesting ( Conspiracy Theories, History, Useless Information ), my hobbies ( Technology, Food and Drink ) and my Life ( General Writing ). I’ve learned in my 45+ years that although I’ve learned a lot there is so much more out there. I hope you enjoy my personal journey minus the grammar errors and typos.