Not much going on today but work.  Slowly moving through this project since I have to rely on others right now is a soul drainer.  Sometimes third parties are outright incompetent.

Conducted some digital housekeeping.  I was rooting through some hard cases that contained some hardware and realized I have several old back up drives I haven’t looked at in a while.  So what did I do?  I went and purchased some more hard drives to consolidate.  Right now I have a drive mounted to the mac mini full time to run Time Machine, and 2 more drives sitting in a nice protective travel case for the macbook pro.  The plan is to get through the old backups and archive all the old data on a drive locked in the safe, then at some point add another server to the rack to handle either nextcloud or some NAS.

What was I thinking, taking apart the rear wheel assembly of a eZip 450 electric scooter that I picked up for free from my sister?  It seems so easy, but yet once it seems like the rear wheel hub should separate once the lock bolts are removed,  Anybody have any thoughts?  Anyone?